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Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM

The Coffee Route

  • This tour begins with a typical breakfast which includes coffee.
  • Join us on a field visit where you will experience coffee growing first-hand. Witness:
  • A panoramic view where you can see healthy plantations
  • Native trees used as shade on coffee plantations
  • The application of organic fertilizers
  • The various high quality Arabica coffee varieties
  • Selective harvesting of mature coffee cherries
  • Removing dried cherries
  • The movement of coffee to the processing plant
  • Green and half-ripe cherries before wet pulping
  • The fermentation process
  • Hygiene levels in processing
  • Water clarity in washing
  • Sun drying coffee as economical source for thousands of hard working farmers who are achieving a better life
  • Visit a bird sanctuary and see wild animals.
  • Experience the tropical ecosystem, and purity of environment and waters.

Cost per person: $ 40.00

It includes:

Breakfast buffet: coffee, juice, cheese, breads, baked pork, jams, yogurt, boiled cassava and plantain salad and fruit and vegetables.
Lunch: Pachamanca, farm chicken broth and coffee.
Guided Tour: 4x4 and specialist guide.
Minimum group: 8 people
Important: Prior reservation required.

We look forward to giving you a tour...